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               Dimethyl sulfate 

              Molecular formula: (CH32 SO4  Molecular weight: 126.13

              Physical and chemical properties: colorless oily flammable liquid. Boiling point 188 ° C (decomposition). Freezing point is -26.8 °C. Specific gravity (20/4 ° C) 1.3322. Flash point 83 ° C, soluble in ether, acetone, aromatic hydrocarbons, slightly soluble in carbon disulfide, aliphatic hydrocarbons and water.

              Uses: dimethyl sulfate is used in the manufacture of dimethyl sulfoxide, caffeine, codeine, vanillin, aminopyrine, trimethoprim and pesticide acephate. It can replace halogenated alkane as a methylating agent in organic synthesis such as pesticides, dyes, and perfume industries.

              Product specifications and implementation standards: HG/T 4001-2008

              Specification 1
              Specification 2
              Specification 3
              Colorless transparent or yellowish liquid

              Packing: barrel or special tanker 
              Dangerous Goods Code: 61116 
              UN Number: 1595 
              Packing Mark: Drugs; Corrosives

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